12 Premium Peptides FACE MICROPLASTIC

The 12 Premium Peptides FACE MICROPLASTIC line products can rightly be attributed to the new generation of cosmetics, as they combine advanced technologies in the field of aesthetic anti-aging cosmetology and powerful innovative anti-aging components. Due to the complex use of the line products, you can achieve the effect of non-invasive face microplastic, because irreplaceable nourishing, regenerating and rejuvenating substances, gradually, continuously released, help to slow down the aging process of the skin and literally turn back time. The skin is tightened, shallow and deep wrinkles are smoothed, the facial features become clearer and more expressive, the complexion is evened out, it becomes fresh, bright and radiant.

The line is based on 12 premium peptides, which form an intelligent anti-aging system for an impressive rejuvenating effect.

It is necessary to clean the skin from makeup and impurities daily in the morning and evening. The MICELLAR MAKE UP REMOVER ELIXIR FOR FACE AND EYE AREA is ideal for this. Apply the product onto the skin with a cotton pad and gently rub the skin. To remove eye make-up, apply a cotton pad moistened with the product onto closed eyes for a few seconds, then gently remove any makeup residue. Flushing with water and additional washing is not required.
After cleansing, do not forget to use REVITALIZING MOISTURIZING FACIAL TONIC, which provides a balanced moisturizing of the skin and promotes ultra-penetration of the aftercare products.
After cleansing and toning, apply the cream in the morning and evening. The cream should be evenly applied onto dry, clean skin of the face and neck with light tapping movements, without stretching the skin.
In the morning, apply Anti-Age and Dark Spot Preventing Peptide Facial Day Cream-Prestige SPF 15 or Peptide Cream-Prestige with Intensified Lifting Action for Face and Neck, 24 h. These creams are an excellent foundation for makeup.
In the evening, Elasticity Renewal and Wrinkle Reduction Peptide Night Cream-Prestige for Face & Neck or Peptide Cream-Prestige with Intensified Lifting Action for Face and Neck, 24 h is applied.
To enhance the effect of the cream, you can additionally use Wrinkle Correction and Skin Elasticity Microcapsular Peptide Serum. Serum can be used daily or as needed depending on the condition of the skin.
For skin care around the eyes and lips daily in the morning and in the evening, use the Multipeptide Serum-Contour with Myorelaxing Action for Eye and Lip Area.
In the morning, instead of a serum-contour, you can use Peptide Patch Masks for Sight Beauty and Youth for Eye Area. A special form of patches is designed to fit snugly in order to maximize the effectiveness of anti-aging care. Patches are applied to clean skin around the eyes for 15-20 min. After you remove the patches, gently pound the remnants of the rejuvenating elixir with your fingertips into the skin.
For intensive skin care 1-2 times a week, it is recommended to use Peptide Remodelling Facial Peeling with Polishing and Wrinkle Smoothing Effect. Apply peeling onto the face skin, avoiding the eye area. Leave for 3-4 min, then gently massage for 1-2 min and rinse thoroughly with water. Tingling is possible. If tingling intensifies, rinse off with water. After peeling, it is recommended to apply a cream or serum of this line.
For a pronounced rejuvenating effect, 1-2 times a week, use the Peptide Mask-Corrector for Intensive Skin Cell Renewal for Face and Neck. Apply a mask-corrector in a dense layer onto the previously cleansed skin of the face and neck, avoiding the eye area, for 10-15 min, rinse thoroughly with warm water.

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